The marks I leave on people are too often scars.

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Today/tonight was very interesting.

I’m still numb to it all and I’m not even sure what to think or feel about it.

I really hope this works out for the best and I really hope it doesn’t destroy me trying to do so.

Good night →


- Good night, I said.
She asked me where I was going. I said I would take a cab home, and I hugged her.
-Come home with me.

I stared at her, not sure if she really meant it.
-Gosh, come home with me! she laughed and she pulled me by the hand.

We walked. The weather was nice. My heart was racing…

I don’t want to be your girlfriend, i’m in love with “just friends”, but holy shit, don’t meet other girls!

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It hurts to love someone when we can’t tell them what we really feel because sometimes we get hurt without them knowing. We get jealous even if we have no right to feel that way. We want their time even if we are not in the position to demand for it. Although our hearts are breaking in silence, we still continue to love them because somehow in this hurtful love there is still hope of having simple moments with them even if it means being just a friend.